Colorado’s Most Unique Team Building Experience


Meeting with the Leadership Team

Before any team building is started we begin by meeting with the leadership team. We strategize around options and goals for the training such as improved communications, strategic thinking, team culture, improved camaraderie, etc. Exiting from the meeting we create a plan with focused objectives and goals such as:
  ● “This team is functional but we want to take it to the next level in productivity”
  ● “This team is an execution machine but sometimes then need to think about strategy first”
  ● “Sales and marketing teams struggle to communicate, let’s bring them closer together”

Creating a Team Profile with DiSC Assessments

Some of the “special sauce” that makes Bustout Colorado so unique is the pre-event DiSC assessments. Prior to the Escape Room event the entire set of participants will take the DiSC Assessment and the results will be used to generate team profiles as well as optimal team configurations for the Escape Room.  Some people ask why DiSC? Compared to other assessments we’ve found that the DiSC assessment is rich with feedback,  won’t overwhelm anyone with detail, and is easy to administer. It hits the mark on bang-for-buck.  


DiSC Discovery and Team Profiles 

On the day of the Escape Room event the entire team will participate in a one hour DiSC review.  In the training we explore each major personality type and when we exit everyone will have greater awareness of the strengths and challenges for each style. Once the overview is complete we then present a custom DiSC personality assessment for the company and groups within the company.  Without fail light bulbs go on when a leader better understands the innate wiring of each person on their team. This presentation isn’t cookie-cutter, it is 100% customized for your teams.

Escape Room Event! 

Armed with the knowledge of the personality types for each team member we then send the teams through the escape room one at a time. Each team is watched by a trained facilitator who notes how the team performs against the goals initially outlined by the leadership team. Hopefully each team will play to their strengths and BUSTOUT of prison before the Warden locks them in FOREVER!

Post Event Decompress

After the event is complete the team will sit down with the facilitator to engage in a thought provoking and very unique discussion. Many times teams will self-diagnose their successes and challenges, however often the facilitator will see beyond into other blind spot areas. Guaranteed, no two conversations will be the same and each team member will walk away with tangible points they can apply to their daily work and team interactions. Please see our Google review for examples.