Colorado’s Most Unique Team Building Experience

We Combine The Learning Of A Personality Profile With A Fun Escape Room Experience



1. Meet with the Leadership Team – Two weeks prior to the event we meet with your leadership team to make sure we tailor our multifaceted experiential learning platform to your goals


2. DiSC Assessment – One week prior to the event we facilitate each member taking a DISC profile. This is essential to getting the most from the training event and alignment with your goals



3. Team Personality Profiles – On the day of the event we explore DiSC theory and then apply it to the styles of each team member and team. Guaranteed that light bulbs will go on at this step


4. Escape Room Event – Take experiential learning to the next level as we combine the newly gained DiSC knowledge about each teammate with the pure fun of an escape experience


5. Post Escape Decompress – Our trained facilitators watch each team as they make their escape and then we discuss how the team performed against the goals established by the leadership team

Common Questions

Q: What are the common goals that a company may look to accomplish?

  • “This team is functional but we want to take it to the next level in thinking outside the box”
  • “This team is an execution machine but sometimes they need to think about strategy first”
  • “The sales and marketing teams struggle to communicate, let’s bring them closer together”

Q: What are some of the typical outcomes from the decompress meeting?

  • When teams focus on more purposeful communications based on their DiSC assessment then their performance goes up
  • Teams that don’t know each other perform better than those who do know each other – fun fact
  • A team that is diverse in DiSC personality styles has a better chance of succeeding vs a homogenous team. Bringing that forward to everyday teamwork is an eyeopener
  • Even when we pre-warn a team they still double-down on execution vs stepping back and thinking strategically when time gets short. It’s powerful lesson.
  • There’s a common theme of teams making things harder than they need to be. We can typically directly map this to their normal work culture as well.

Q: Why did we pick the DiSC assessment vs other assessments like MB?

  • Compared to other assessments we’ve found that the DiSC assessment is rich with feedback, won’t overwhelm anyone with detail, and is easy to administer. It hits the mark on bang-for-buck.